Tsukiji Fish Market


IMG_2442 IMG_2448 IMG_2466 IMG_2488 DSC_0030
We were so very fortunate that Daniel’s friend Gen was able to take us on a tour of the market. We arrived at the market at 5am (I’ve read online that the general public is also allowed to watch, but people often suggest that you arrive around 3am).

We got some white rain boots (thank goodness so our shoes wouldn’t get soaked in sea water or fish blood) and walked around the fish market. It was enormous! There were so many types of seafood including (but of course not limited to) fish, squid, scallops, eel, and octopus.

Because we were there early, we got to see the men inspect the fishes they were hoping to bid on. The tails and heads are cut off so that people can use their flashlights to look at the size, color, fat content, and judge the quality of the fish. Then, at 530 the bells sound and the auction begins. Boy was it a sight to see. The auctioneers just go, go, go and these fish are gigantic! It was quite an early rising, but it was definitely worth it.

**Note: The entire Tsukiji Market is being relocated, and so I did not include an address to where it will be!



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